When a new version of Profit Trailer gets released, its a good idea to upgrade.  It may contain bug fixes, security patches, and new features.

To find the current version of Profir Trailer visit https://github.com/taniman/profit-trailer/releases

To upgrade your current version of Profit Trailer quickly on linux,  log into your linux VPS via SSH, and just copy and paste  these commands below one line at a time and press enter after each one.  


  • pm2 stop 0
  • cd /var/opt
  • rm ProfitTrailer.zip
  • wget https://github.com/taniman/profit-trailer/releases/download/v1.2.6.23/ProfitTrailer.zip
  • rm /var/opt/ProfitTrailer/ProfitTrailer.jar
  • unzip -p ProfitTrailer.zip ProfitTrailer/ProfitTrailer.jar > ProfitTrailer/ProfitTrailer.jar
  • chmod +x /var/opt/ProfitTrailer/ProfitTrailer.jar
  • pm2 reload 0
If you like, you can do these even quicker.  Log into your VPS and type..
  • nano ptup <press enter>
  • highlight the lines above and let click in the nano window (This will paste the text)
  • hit CRTL O to save file
  • HIt CRTL X to exit nano
  • type sh ptup <press enter>

This will do everything for you.  In future when a new version comes out.  Just nano ptup file and change the version number to the version number you want to upgrade too.

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