How to upgrade/update Profit Trailer

When a new version of Profit Trailer gets released, it’s a good idea to upgrade.  It may contain bug fixes, security patches, and new features.

To find the current version of Profit Trailer visit

Download the version you want to upgrade too.

Extract the files on your PC.

Log into your VPS using your SSH program BitVise or Putty.

Type pm2 stop 0 to stop your bot (Assuming you have one bot or upgrading bot1)

Navigate to where your Profit Trailer bot is installed.  /home/tradingbot/profittrailer/bot1

Click on the ProfitTrailer.jar file and delete the file.

Now upload the ProfitTrailer.jar file from where you extracted it on your PC, and upload it to the server.

Once done, type pm2 reload 0  (Assuming you have one bot or upgrading bot1)

Now wait up to 10 seconds and go to your website http://ip-address:Port#