How to run a second Profit Trailer Bot

OK so you want to run a second bot to trade on another exchange or trade another coin like ETH, or USDT.

So no problem.  I suggest you have 2 GB on your Linux server to make sure you have enough ram.  I have not tried on 1GB.  It will install, but over time as java uses more ram, you may have an issue.  You can always try and keep an eye on it.  If you got 2GB of ram, then you have no worries.

Install a 2nd Profit Trailer on Linux (manually)

Since the server is already setup, you just need the Profit Trailer software to be installed.  So the second bot (and future bots) installs are very fast.

cd /var/opt
unzip *.zip
mv ProfitTrailer-2.4.29 pt2
cd pt2
chmod +x ProfitTrailer.jar
sed -i ‘s/profit-trailer/PT2/g’ pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
pm2 start pm2-ProfitTrailer.json && pm2 save && pm2 startup

go to your web browser and enter in http://server-ip press enter
Enter in your Lic key and API keys