Running Profit Trailer v2 on a Raspberry Pi3 is very and simple.  This will save you on hosting fees, and you can host it at home or where ever has an internet connection.

What you will need (the standard stuff  BTC, Profit Trailer and exchange account)

Now that you have all that you can begin

Download and install etcher –
Extract the Stretch Lite file  (it will have a .img file)
Insert you USB stick with your microSD card.  I suggest an 8GB card at least (That should work I only use 16GB)
Run Etcher file you download
Click on Select Image button (blue)
Go to where you extracted the the file
Double click on file
Click on Flash (You may get a windows warning popup.  Click Yes to that.)
Flashing will begin.  Once done remove microSD card and plug it into your Pi3

Plug your Pi3 install monitor or TV
Plug in your keyboard LAN cable and power cable
Power on Pi3
Login with pi / raspberry
Look for My IP address is 192.168.x.x  <–  record that address
type  raspi-config
select option 5
select option P2 (SSH)
Select yes to enable

Go back to your PC and SSH into it with Bitvise
hostname/IP: 192.168.x.x (what you saw on your screen)
username: pi
password: raspberry
port: 22

Now you are logged in and you can run each line below one at a time.  You can just copy and paste  (to paste just right click on the terminal window from Bitvise or Putty)

cd /home && wget && sh pi3-install

If you want to install it manually, you can copy/paste each line and press enter.

cd /home/pi
sudo echo ‘deb trusty main’ >> /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo echo ‘deb-src trusty main’ >> /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-key EEA14886
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install dirmngr oracle-java8-installer oracle-java8-set-default nodejs npm -y

sudo npm install pm2 -g
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

mkdir TradingBot && cd TradingBot
mkdir ProfitTrailer && cd ProfitTrailer
mv ProfitTrailer bot1
cd bot1
rm pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
wget -O – > pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
chmod +x ProfitTrailer.jar
sudo pm2 save
sudo pm2 startup
sudo pm2 start pm2-ProfitTrailer.json

Now that your bot is installed, you just need to setup the files

copy/paste cd /home/pi/TradingBot/ProfitTrailer/bot1
copy/paste nano

Now there are a few things in this file you need to add for Profit Trailer to work. This is the bare minimum.  You are free to customize anything else that fits your needs.

license = your ProfitTrailer license key = BINANCE or BITTREX or POLONIEX ( must be UPPERCASE)
default_api_key = The Exchange API key registered with PT Assistant
default_api_secret = The Secret key for the default_api_key
trading_api_key = The second Exchange API key.
trading_api_secret = The Secret for the second API Key

NOTE: You can copy/paste all the info here.  If you are using Putty, you can right click where you want to paste it.

Once you are done, press CRTL O then press enter.  This will save the file.  Then press CRTL X to exit nano and go back to command line.

Then copy/paste pm2 start pm2-ProfitTrailer.json and press enter to launch Profit Trailer.  Give it a few seconds, then open your web browser and type http://raspberrypi:8081  (assuming you never changed the port) and press enter.

You will get prompted to create an Admin  password and to enter in your exchange Default API key.

Once you do that, it wll take you to the login screen.  Enter in your password and you are all set.

Now Profit Trailer has been installed.  Next step is to configure it and set it up for the exchange you want to use.
You can do that here