How to install Profit Trailer

Updated September 21, 2018


Instaling Profit Trailer on Linux/Ubuntu may seem scary but it’s really quite simple.  Below I have all the steps needed to install Profit Trailer.  You can copy and paste each line one by one into your SSH and install it way or use my simple script I made that will easily install it for you.

Using a Linux VPS has so much more benefits over a Windows VPS.

  1. Cheaper – Linux VPS is cheaper because they need much fewer resources and no Windows License is needed.
  2. You can easily run one bot on 1GB of ram where Windows VPS itself only needs 4 GB to run semi-smoothly
  3. Windows will do random update reboots which will then terminate your trading as you will need to log back in to launch Profit Trailer
  4. With Linux, you can access it via a web browser.  So you can access it anywhere. Where Windows you need an RDP session to connect to it.
  5. Linux is much more secure than Window

Buy Profit Trailer

You first need to buy Profit Trailer.  You can Buy Profit Trailer here.  (Currently they are offering lifetime offers.  I’d suggest purchasing one of those as it will save you a lot in the long run.

Sign up at Binance

Next, you need a trading account on an exchange.  I suggest you get signed up at Binance.  They are one of the largest exchanges, and cheapest fees to trade.  Since your bot will be doing a lot of trades, this will help.

Tip.  Buy and hold some BNB and this will reduce your trading fees.

 Purchase a Linux VPS

Next, you need a reliable VPS server.  I suggest ShockHosting.  I have been using them for years on numerous projects.  Then offer KVM VPSes, which are very fast and reliable.

Be sure to use the coupon code 25OFF to save an additional 25% off.  That’s a recurring discount as well

Install Profit Trailer on Linux (easy)

Log into your Linux VPS and copy/paste the command below into your SSH session and then press ENTER.

cd /home && wget && sh bot1-install

Wait a few minutes and Profit Trailer will be installed.  Once that is done you will need to configure it.  Click How to configure Profit Trailer to set it up to get ready for login.

Install Profit Trailer on Linux (manually)

Below you can copy each line one at a time, and then paste them into your SSH connection to user VPS server.

apt update && apt upgrade -y
curl -sL | sudo -E bash –
apt install unzip nano openjdk-8-jdk nodejs -y
npm install pm2@latest -g

cd /var/opt
unzip *.zip
mv ProfitTrailer-2.2.2 pt
cd pt
chmod +x ProfitTrailer.jar
pm2 start pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
pm2 save
pm2 startup

How to change SSH Port on Linux

This step is not necessary, but I highly recommend it.  Default SSH port for Linux is 22.  This port will get hit with bots trying to brute login into your server.  I always change this for all my servers to something different.  To change this port, visit, How to change the default SSH port on Ubuntu page on how to do it.  It’s very simple.  Be sure to update your Bitvise if you are using that.

How to Configure Profit Trailer

Once that is done you will need to configure it.  Click How to configure Profit Trailer to set it up to get ready for login.

How to upgrade/update Profit Trailer

To upgrade/update Profit Trailer you need to replace the .jar file.  You can download the file and do it yourself, or you can you use our script to upgrade/update for you here How to upgrade Profit Trailer.