How to install Apache web server

Adding apache web server to your trading bot is not needed at all, but some people may want to see how resources are in use easily via the web.

This script will install Apache/PHP and also Linfo.  Linfo will show you a lot of info about your server in general.  Such as RAM, hard drive, and bandwidth usage.

To access the info page open your browser and type http://ip-address/linfo

To quickly install it log into your VPS and copy/paste command below

cd /home && wget && sh apache

If you want to install it manually, you can copy/paste each line one by one and press enter after each line to manually run it.

apt install apache2 php libapache2-mod-php -y
cd /var/www/html
tar -zxvf linfo-2.0.3.tar.gz
mv linfo-2.0.3 linfo
rm linfo-2.0.3.tar.gz
cd linfo