Now that Profit Trailer is installed, you still need to configure it to work. 

Easiest was is to connect to your VPS with Bitvise.   One connected you will get your terminal window and your SFTP window.

  • Click onto the SFTP window, and on the right side you will see the directories on your VPS. 
  • Double click on VAR, then OPT then Profit Trailer
  • Doubleclick on file
  • server.port = 8081 (I woud change it to another port, 8082 8888 or you can leave it.)
  • = BINANCE or BITTREX or POLONIEX  (type in name in UPPERCASE )
  • default_apiKey = This is your API key you got from your exchange copy/paste that here
  • default_apiSecret = This is your APISecret  key you got from your exchange copy/paste that here
  • You will see a second section again.  You can copy/paste the keys here again.  If you are using Bittrex you will need to create a 2nd set of keys and they go here.
  • server.timeZoneOffset = enter in your timezone here  for CST its -05:00
  • server.password = If you see this line you can remove it.  Passwords are no longer stored here
  • trading.logHistory = 8 (the default is 8, but Id like to keep mine forever, so I change it to 999999
  • Optional:  You can add the line server.sitename = BINANCE.  This while show up in the Tab title.  So if you have a few bots running, you can easily identify it in the tabs heading/title.  I put mine below = BINANCE
  • Now you can close the window and it will ask you to save the file.  Save the file
  • Now go to your terminal screen and type pm2 reload 0  (Assuming you have just one bot)
  • Wait a few seconds, and then open a new tab in your browser
  • type in http://server-ip:port  example  (Use the port # you specified in your file
  • You will get prompted to create a new password.  Create your new password and then you will get logged into your dashboard.
Now that you are logged in, now you can setup your trading strategies
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