How to configure Profit Trailer

Updated September 21, 2018

Now that Profit Trailer is installed, you still need to configure it to work.

The easiest way is to connect to your VPS with Bitvise.   Once connected you will get your terminal window and your SFTP window.

The settings below are the basic to get you set up and going.  Feel free to configure other settings as per your needs.  But this will get you going for now.

  • Click onto the SFTP window, and on the right side, you will see the directories on your VPS.
  • Navigate to where you installed Profit Trailer.  If you used my setup/script, go to /home/tradingbot/profittrailer/bot1
  • Doubleclick on file
  • license = paste in your license code for Profit Trailer
  • server.port = 8081 (You can change this if you like.  Its a personal preference.)
  • server.sitename = This will be what you see in the Tab of your browser.  I have mine  BTC – Binance
  • = BINANCE or BITTREX or POLONIEX  (type in name in UPPERCASE )
  • trading.log_history = 99999 (Set the number of days you want to see your sales history
  • server.timezone_offset = -05:00 (this is central time.  I suggest to use your local timezone)
  • server.currency = USD (set the currency you want to use)
  • default_api_key = This is the API key you created at your exchange
  • default_api_secret = The secret key you got from your exchange
  • trading_api_key = I use the default API key here again
  • trading_api_secret = I use the API secret key here again

Now go to your terminal screen and  type  pm2 reload 0  (Assuming you have just one bot)  If you have a second bot then type pm2 reload 1

If you want to see if you bot is running type pm2 list press ENTER

Under status in green, it should say online.

Wait a few seconds (up to 10 seconds), and then open a new tab in your browser type in http://server-ip:port  example  (Use the port # you specified in your file

Now you are at the GUI setup for Profit Trailer.  It’s going to ask you for 3 things.  Password, confirm password and Default API Key from your exchange you are using.

Enter in the desired password you want to use. Type it in again.

Now paste in your Default API Key in the last box, and click on Set Admin Password.

It will take you to the Profit Trailer GUI login screen.  This is what you will see each time you log into Profit Trailer.  Type in your password and click Log In or press ENTER

The first time you log in, you will be asked to select config files for trading.  You can use public one from Profit Trailer to start off.  If this is your first time setting up Profit Trailer, then you will not have any in your saved option.  Once you select one or import one, then you will for future.

Now this is where you will do a lot of learning about strategies.  Now if you don’t know what to pick here, you can go to to see them all.  When in doubt I suggest Old Faithful-V4.  But this is up to you.  I suggest you learn the settings and how they work.

Load them up and now you will be logged into the GUI interface via web browser for Profit trailer.  You can access this anywhere, anytime from a web browser.  You just need your IP address, port and password.  I suggest your bookmark this in your browser.