By default, Profit Trailer uses 512MB of ram.  It will not go past that.  If you ever want or need to add additional RAM for Profit Trailer, it is very simple to do.  First make sure your VPS or system you are running on has enough physical ram.  If you are running on a 1GB ram VPS, I would suggest it would be safe to bump your Profit Trailer to 768MB of ram.

Now to do that, you need to connect to your VPS via SSH (Bitvise)

  •  Doubleclick on var, opt, ProfitTrailer directories
  •  Doubleclick on pm2-ProfitTrailer.json  file to open it up
  • Alomost half way down you will see “-Xmx512m“, twice.
  • Change both 512 to what ever you wnt to use.  I suggest 768
  • Close an save the file
  • Go to your terminal and type pm2 reload 0 (assuming you have one bot) Change 0 to other number for other bots.

Profit Trailer will now have more ram to use