Welcome to my simple and easy to use instructions on setting up profit trailer.  This is an excellent bot trading software to generate yourself some cryptos.

Now, why did I spend the time to set this up?  Well, I have seen a lot of people trying to use this and are not technical at all.  I have answered the same questions numerous times, see the same people use recommended VPS from poor hosts etc.  So I decided to create this site so anyone can use it.  What do I get out of this?  Well if you use my affiliate links for Binance and the VPS host, then I get a little back.  I do not have an affiliate for Profit Trailer as they are not given them out any more.  (Boo PT)

Now is it a guarantee that it will make you crypto?  Well, technically it’s not.  That would be silly.  But it’s pretty damn close.

Best ways to avoid not losing money/cryptos?

  1. Don’t be greedy!! This is key.  This won’t make you rich overnight, or in a month.  Profit Trailer does frequent small trades automatically to slowly build up your bitcoin/eth/USDT. Now if you have lots of BTC/ETH/USDT you want to through at it and let it trade you can.  More you have the more you can make.  Also the more you can lose.  So be smart
  2. Avoid buying low-quality coins or low volume coins.  They are easily influenced by dump and pumps.
  3. Trade higher volume coins.  They coins have lots of trades and don’t do as much as crazy swings like the volume/quality coins.  Generally.  This is crypto market don’t forget.
  4. Don’t sell.  As soon as you sell a bag manually, then you lose. Remember, you don’t officially lose anything until you sell.  You can hold bags for weeks even months.  Once again, this is crypto markets.
  5. The risk for reward.  The larger trades you make, the more profit.  Large trades you make, the more you can be holding bags for.  So this is up to you and your comfort level.  I suggest to start off small and trade a few pairs at a time to get a feel for things.  Small trades will be $0.20 to $1.  Now that I do not seem like much, but when it is doing it all day long every day automatically for you, it adds up.  As your pot grows so can do more trades and or larger trades to gain more.  Almost like a snowball effect.  If you want.  Or you can take your profits and use them to buy other coins you want to invest in, or use it to just hodl (hold).  Some trade just USDT and use the money to live off of or spend.  There is no wrong answer as it’s to each their own. You can have multiple bots running and do different things.  One for BTC, one ETH, one for USDT or all for BTC, whatever you like.


What is needed to get started?

Bare Minimum:

  • Exchange account
  • profit trailer software
  • computer/laptop with Java
  • some crypto/cash (BTC ETH USDT) How much?  More the better. I suggest .05 BTC to start but you can go lower
  • internet with about 250GB of monthly bandwidth

The setup above will get you going.  But I don’t recommend it.  The reason for this is you need your PC to be running 24×7.  The last thing you want is your PC to crash or windows does an update and reboots.

Also, you need to have quite of bit of monthly bandwidth.  If you have a very restricted amount, you may want to upgrade your internet, or use a VPS solution (Recommend this read more below)

Now if you have the internet bandwidth to spare and you want to keep it hosted at home, then you have a few options.

  1. Run a dedicated device to run this on.  You can use Windows PC/laptop.  Not my favourite option.  
  2. Run a Linux desktop or server.  Running a Linux box is much more reliable and secure than windows.  I have software to get this installed on Ubuntu and it is very easy.
  3. Running on a Raspberry Pi 3.  This option is fantastic.  You can get a Pi3 very cheap and it’s very easy to setup and install PT on it.  It’s tiny and uses very little electricity.  It would be a perfect dedicated device to do your trading on. (I have one I run at home for testing and doing trades on it.)  Works flawlessly.


Also with this setup, to access your PT, you need to open ports on your router to be able to access it remotely?  Now, why would you want to?

Reasons to access PT remotely:

  1. Cause it’s totally cool to do.
  2. Check on your bot.  Make sure it’s running
  3. See what trades it has done, look at your progress history
  4. Check on your bags, and cry (You will do a lot of that and get use to it)


Recommended Solution – Run PT on a Linux VPS server.

Why use Linux VPS over windows?

  1. So much cheaper.
  2. So much faster (RDP is horrible over the internet)
  3. Much more secure
  4. Easy to access it remotely.  You can on your phone.  All done via a web browser


The cons for running Linux?  It’s a learning curve.  You have a little more work upfront to do.  But don’t worry, this is why I have this website for.  To make it easier for you.  It’s so much cooler to have once you are done.  You will look like a Crypto God in front of your buddies.  They really will envy you and probably ask you (or pay you) to set one up for them (more crypto for your bot)

Now to go this way you will need 2 more things from above. You will also need

  • Bitvise SSH software (its 100% free)
  • Linux VPS

Having it run on Linux VPS means the uptime will generally be much better than your home.  You can easily access it remotely from any PC/tablet/phone.  

So recap of what you need…

  • a computer to work from and an internet connection
  • exchange account Binance, Bittrex, Poloenix.  Right now I suggest Binance.  They are open to new users and you don’t need much to get started.  Just an email address.
  • Profit trailer software and license
  • Bitvise Software to connect to your VPS
  • Linux VPS
  • some BTC/ETH/USDT  whatever you want to trade from.  The more you have the better.  You could start off with .01 BTC  Binance lets you trade as little as .001 BTC.  If you don’t have any BTC I will show you where you can get some to get started.
  • Also, I suggest you buy some BNB at Binance, and hold it and not trade it.  If you hold BNB in your account while trading, the trading fees a reduced and it will use your BNB to pay for the fees.  Highly recommend you do this.  You don’t need much to start.  1 BNB should last you as long time.


So if you are ready to launch your bot to start auto trading then click on the link to begin.